Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Old Traditions by Paul Chater

I was stunned to learn that the House system has disappeared... and the old House names now simply represents the buildings as opposed to the fierce rivalry those names used to engender... Lewis and Preston the brother and sister Houses... Oakshott and Blackburn the other rivals..

The rivalry is still there as i have my son and daughter in school. the colours are still the same red, green, blue and yellow. The names of the houses have changed but the comradary is still there. They still play cricket hockey basketball, and football with as the same intensity as we did at least during the time i studied there 69-74.

The other activities added on are TT, tennis, Dramatics, Quiz , debates, chess. these are played and the school takes place at the inter-school competitions. The chief rivals are still St Josephs and Lawrence and we manage to come in the first 3 places. In fact the school records at inter-school level still stand in the name of Safira and Imran Sait children of Sattar (1971) and Jenny Sait.

Of course how can i forget the singing competetion group , solo and duet. For all the inter-house matches the winners are given a 2 kg cake nothing close to our cake pud etc. I find the battle of the houses doesn't end at school.It continues even during the hols just light a fire under one of them and u have a battle royale in the house.

So much said about comradeship in school. i do agree with you the old days were different and if i tell my kids that they tell me that I am old fashioned.

This was the first time after over 30 years that Stanes visited Ketti and we lost in the cricket by a run and the overall to Stanes. The return match is to happen in 2005. Maybe we will take home the trophy then.

Happy Reading...

Paul Chater written in January 2005

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