Monday, May 10, 2010

Sholai Kuyil

Since Kumari is a topic of eternal interest,I must tell you about my association with her since school. She was a year junior to me in WCC and her cousin Anita Kotraj was a year senior. She was declared and crowned the undisputed freshie queen at the freshie Inaugural party. That was way back in 1981. We met again at her aunt's place in the early 90's when Jojo and i were asked by his old company to entice a potential M.D.,a Brit to take up office in India.We tried to give him a taste of India which included tropical forest, palaces,etc and tribes.Her aunt Beryl Piljen gave us a session on the Todas. Kumari was expecting their first then and in full term and she asked me to go and see the movie being released in Coimby when I got back there the the next day. The first show was packed. I bought a ticket 'in black'(if you haven't forgotten what that means!)and had Jojo knudged me 15 minutes after commencement to get out of there. Sorry to disappoint you Thomas, but, it was a disaster, but hey how many of us have starred in a full length movie? Mostly to maintain marital harmony Jojo sat thru the rest of it! Jojo has understood the hard way that everything that is shot is not necessarily a hit or is sometimes never aired, because he has done some commercials and documentaries for fun (when he was
spotted by a talent scout at a book shop) including one with Akshay Kumar (a hindi actor).
Anyway the Sholai Kuyil did not do justice to Kumari's beauty if that is what you want to know. Most of the movie had her walking in the shola in a daze with her hair open. It was shot in the Nilgiris (Kotagiri?)
Nimmi John 1978

Kumari told me that the movie was not good but heck, when did that ever stop me watching a bad movie. Still want to see it though.

There are phases in one's life that you can remember like it was yesterday. I still remember all what happened. I still have all that poetry I wrote and kept writing until mid-80's. I have that to show for it. I still have a few snaps of Kumari that I managed to get. I posted one under the album "memories" taken in 1988. I met her aunt several times at the Sheddon Rd house. Missed her in July as she was
at the farm.
Thomas Abraham 1977

Shall try and get you a copy of Solaikuyil. I remember seeing the movie too, much for the same reason that I saw Panneer Pushpangal. Panner Pushpangal was a mega flop and sort of got on your "gizz", with seeing to sort of image it projected of the School. I really dont know who was responsible for allowing this to happen, whether it was the management or Mr.Walsh himself, who appeared in a small role too - but the storyline was not appropriate for our school (a sick stuff of sissy love and above all wearing our school uniforms of navy blue jerkins and blue ties and the girls with their green cardigans). I would much prefer if something like Tom Brown's School Days was taken as the theme for a movie on our school.

Solaikuyil, had some wonderful songs, which were fashionable at that time and Raagini (stage name for Kumari) became a sought after heroine of the day. The cast never really allowed her to explore her histrionic or dramatic skills. But immediately after the movie, she was married to Karthik, and never appeared in any movie thereafter. She also acted in a TV Serial which was a hit because of her presence, though she only lent her glamour.

Am searching for a copy of Solaikuyil and shall send it to you.
Thamil 1976

Thanks Thamil for any assistance. I never did see Paneer Pushpangal.
Raagini- now I know the screen name.

Old Girl friend's- not in touch w/anyone that I know of. Need to think now. Let me put on my thinking cap.
The only girlfriend I have to be concerned at all will be Kerry my wife and she is cool about that. She has seen all the snaps and the poetry, etc. I share these things with my kids too. It is history now.
Thomas Abraham 1977

Thomas my friend you seem to be tripping on Kumari Piljain once again - every once in a while that teenage urge to catch up with your past seems to snare you! As Thamil put it you better beware my friend - your wife Kerry wont be amused I am sure!! But to be fair to Kumari I have to say any guy would trip on that Toda beauty - she must have been an extraordinarily good looking lass back in school so Thomas I
do not blame you for your state of mind!!

Sailendra Bhaskar 1973

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