Tuesday, November 22, 2016

OGA Offsite Reunion - from 3rd to 4th Dec 2016

Hi Georgians, Wecome to Coorg OGA Offsite Reunion is to happen from 3rd to 4th Dec 2016 at Ambatti Green Resort, Coorg. Bring the spouse and kids along and let them see why the stories never stop and why the camaraderie has lasted so many years. Come back and feel your youth flow through your every muscle and sinew. Come back and relive the old memories while you make new ones. An evergreen sylvan campus, which evoke nostalgic feelings - the flora and fauna - Do come and share the re-invigorating joy of Reunion Details of the programme will reach you while you spread word around about the meet. Rg. NRK Raja chairman OGA offsite Reunion Welcome to Cheers Coorg. Please find attachment "OGA Offsite Reunion Registration Form". To those comfortable to register offline please copy, fill and post with payment. If payment made on line, give detail by post / mail with UTR no. your name, the amount remitted along with Reg form to ARO Ms. Hema. For online Registration please open "", fill Registration form and submit. Send detail by post / mail with UTR no. your name and amount remitted, to ARO Ms.Hema. Thank you, Now your Registration process is over, so say "CHEERS COORG." If you require to come a day early to stay at Ambatti please contact me by cell 9443388246 Rg. NRK Raja (69) (Chairman OGA Offsite reunion)

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