Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hammick Cottage


This cottage is one of the oldest cottages situated near the School Hospital. It is the farthest cottage from the School Flat. It was named after Mr. E.A. Hammick, the former Principal during the years 1957-1976. It was his residence while he worked as the Principal and was built as the Principal's bungalow. It has now been converted into one of the boy's cottages. Those boys in the age group of 11 - 13 years stay in this cottage. It was recently (2005) renovated with latest style bathing rooms, toilets and wash basins. The boys get pure, healthy drinking water from a newly fitted Eureka Forbes water purifier. This cottage is also provided with an automatic IFB washing machine.

This is very helpful in washing the under garments and socks of the cottage boys. The other facilities include, steel lockers for every student, a boiler, generator, and 24 hours water supply and foam mattress. Just above this cottage is a new play ground which was made in the year 2006. There are four dormitories and a day room with wooden flooring in this cottage. There is a resident warden and matron to look after the children. Every child who lives in this cottage is provided a healthy environment to make friends and be happy. All the children are taught to be self-reliant and responsible.

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