Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hesketh Cottage


Up to the 11th February 1958 Hesketh Cottage served as Homes' Main Office and Hospital. On this date the Board of Management decided to construct a new Administrative Block and Hospital Block and turn Hesketh Cottage into a Boarding House for 40 boarders. Hesketh cottage is situated behind the school main office. In Hesketh cottage we have junior boys of classes 4, 5 and 6. The total strength of the cottage is 67 this academic year.

The boys feel that their cottage is like their own home. They are well treated by the matron-incharge and warden. They have been taught how to do their own work like making their beds, polishing their shoes, having their own baths, arranging their lockers neatly, cutting their nails, doing the gardening work and dressing themselves neatly and so on. The boys are taught to keep their dormitories clean.

In the cottage for sleeping they have neat mattresses and cots. There are hygienic toilet facilities both outside and inside the cottage. There is a big playground in front of the cottage where the boys can play the games of their choice. They have their baths regularly. We have three dormitories in the cottage. We have a big box room and a barber's room built recently behind the cottage. We have a well-maintained garden in front of the cottage. The dhobi and barber come regularly.

All the boys are obedient and helpful. The boys treat their friends with kindness. The children are very happy, healthy and cheerful in the cottage. They get individual attention for their overall development in this cottage. Col. G. Hesketh, Chairman, Lancashire Committee. Col. Hesketh was from Bolton.

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