Saturday, December 12, 2009

Preston Cottage


When the Rev. J. Breeden was sent to England in 1913 to garner financial support for the Homes in Kodaikanal he was able to raise £7000 and also establish a General Committee in Lancashire with secretaries in Blackburn and Preston apart from others in Manchester, Bolton, Darwen, Accrington and Thornley. In the early years of the Homes, funds were regularly received from the Lancashire Committee. To commemorate their support the two girls' cottages were named Blackburn and Preston.

Preston cottage is one of the oldest cottages built in the English style. It is a two storey building. It has a beautiful and spacious rooms which are always kept clean and sparkling. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place Recently the cottage has been renovated and the bathing rooms and wash area have been fitted with the latest in tiling, wash basins and mirrors which are appreciated by all! Hot water from the solar heater is provided for regular baths. Each child has a large and spacious locker which is actually a little cupboard.

The children are looked after by an efficient warden and matron, who guide them, love them and motivate them to grow into responsible adults. There are children from the age group of 13 to 19. They are allowed to grow in an environment where they are able to make friends and live with them in harmony. The children learn to be responsible and self reliant. C. E. Grierson of Preston was Vice Chairman of the Lancashire Committee.

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