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Where do I BERGIN?
Ah! Yes the dinning hall, the most important center and place in St George’s. This is the place where they CHATER to the dire needs of the Georgian. The stomach, yes this is the place where your GRUBB is served. This always brought a BEAME on your face, when you got that HUGHES portion piled ROYALE on your plate.

Four times a DEY you would HARI to the dinning hall for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner .You dared not DASS WATTS on the menu. You would HOPEGOOD that the plates were STROUD with GODFREY food. FRANKLIN speaking, you were so hungry that you couldn’t KERR less.

Although McDONALDS and MIRANDAS were there you actually wanted to have CURRIE and RICE which I must say was TULLY and VARKEY good and I mean RILEY good. HARVEY all would the staple diet of GREENS, which you got practically with every meal.

On special days MOHAN of you would GULVADDY run to the dinning hall for the PILLAI. You would stand REDDY with a ISMAIL on your face. While you VAZE waiting to enter the dinning hall for a JOLLY good feed. You would be RABBI your hands with GLEAVES, mouth watering, and you KUNHALLI wait for D’MONTE of food, that you would eat and EDWARDS you would talk for days about this great feast. Yes the dinning hall saw a lot of CUMMINE and going especially to the HATCH. Even the tables and the benches were kept in neatly in McFARLANE and your prefects would BOSSER you around to keep quiet before GRACE.

Of course it was your WRIGHT to HOLT on BLANKEY to your plate, and no matter whatever D’COSTA you had to finish all the food on your plate. You would also have to keep your eyes EAPEN or else some body would MARIO your food. However if you KANNAN eat or finish the KINGLEE portion on your plate the chaps at the table would gladly help out.

However at the end of the meal, if it was your turn, you would be HOLDEN the mugs and SCULLY around doing orderly, this was something that you could never COX even your best friend to do for you, no matter how MANI TIMS you would beg him or her.

St George’s is a place where the PACE of life was hectic, and you were required to follow a strict dress code, where the TAYLORS and the DRAPERS saw that you were attired properly, the SHROFF in charge, would COYNE you to march in threes, all of URS neatly turned out in WHITES and BLAZEYS.

It was only on holidays and SANDHYAS that you could SCOTT in front of your cottage and try whenever you KHAN to BHASKER in the sun which is why all the girls faces got ROZIER and ROZIER. Other wise you could WHEELER the afternoon away on your cot in the dormitory, and you were not allowed to kick up a RICKETT, any body caught would get such a THAM that would turn you LILYWHITE from the RAPSON that you received.

Even so St George’s was such a friendly place that every body would SEAHHAI to everybody, especially if you SHAW that somebody HARDING his tuck away.

HOWARD we LAVOACH to ROWLAND and ROMANOVA about in the WOODS, where it WAZARI to come across a BIRD and if lucky some WYLDE life too, you could ROWLES by in the GREENWOOD forest or notice the bees buzzing busily around the flower PATEL or the lot of McKAYS on top of the dinning hall, perhaps even a FOX.

At the end of the school is Palada which was and still is out of bounds, which anyway anyone could find by going SOUTH of Oakshott cottage even though you were not allowed, you ASHOKAN try to run down for the bondas or raid the FERTLE potato fields during SAMPATH of the Sunday afternoon.

In St Georges HAMMICK watched over all of us, none could SHILPKA past his watchful eye, and what he DEAN see, he knew don’t ask me how? Every one had to OBAID the rules even if you are YOUNG and LAWLESS. Nobody but nobody was allowed to BROOK the rule or TINKER with the BELLE other wise you would pay the PRICE and would have to GARDNER enough courage to take a CROSS from the cane of McKENZIE, may be ARUN one or two shots, BHATIA stood and took it like a man, not like BOOPATHY who JOSE ran to the school flat bogs and wanted to YERRICK his head off. If you DILLEN want any one to see your tears you would have to KURIAN about your work in the O’CONNER as if nothing happened. You learned to STEER, CLEUR from trouble or you would fall FOWLER and FOWLER into the bad books of the staff, which is something you could not FORD to do because you could not take FRENCH leave and try to get away as this was a boarding school.

In the mornings before assembly the Principal, Headmaster and some of the staff would CHATTERJEE with the students about various topics and some of the head lines in the newspapers as we as students would not get the papers till the next day .The morning chat also created a bond in which the staff and the students got on VETRIVEL with each other. During the break time you got a bun with a mug of tea which was mostly BROWN but for you it was a PEARL that was so tough that you had to DUNCAN it in the tea to be able to eat it, but AHMED all the fun and games came class work which required you to MARSHALL all your strength and energy to work DOUGHERTY all the year round, so that you could DOUYER best when you SATUR down to write your exams.

There is a very special place in St George’s, it is the Chapel, and every FARADAY you had chapel cleaning and you could see all the BRASS shinning. On Sunday in attendance were all the good people from the bible GABERIAL, JOSEPH THOMAS, MATHEW, ZACHARIAH, DAMIEN, PAUL, ISAIAH, ABRAHAM, and so many more. During the end of term service, the choir would SINGH beautiful Christmas CARROLL. The SMITHS and the MASONS would decorate the chapel using CLAY covered in SILVA and the more D’SILVA used the more beautiful the chapel looked. Believe me the choir was SHAH good that during the inter school competitions no other school had a JOSE of a chance, the Christmas service would go like CLARKE work and the rest of us SOOD listening with rapt attention.

Another big feature in St George’s was the socials this BREWART all the BELLIES from Blackburn and Preston cottages whom YESHODA seen all dressed up in home kit with BINDU and all but SURESH enough you would never find a girl NICHOLAS or WARRING a STOCKING however she would have on only D’BRA. At the beginning of the social NUTTAL the boys would go PICKERING up the girls to dance but I must say that no one would ARASU while you did the WALSHE with your partner but if you were tagged you would have to give SOMMERVILLE ELIAS the chance to dance ALBERT a FEWKES of you who had girl friends would HOGG on to your DOLL and no one ELLIS would try and dance with her .How the HAWES would SALES past with you JERKINS and SHAGARAN your arms and LEGGE in TIMMINS to the music and towards the end you would HARRIS the headmaster to GRANT you one last dance ,but whatever ALLEN the end you would have had a KOSHY time .

Surgery was open to all whether it was WINTER or SUMMER and if you were sick, whether, you HATERHALL fever or something, you would have to PRASANTH yourself to the sister. Sister would then PHILLIP your pulse and then quickly RYAN you off to bed, however if you would be SHAMIN the NURSE would very sweetly AKASH you to SETH down on the DATTANI made stool and give you a mug full of Epsom salts and it was EUSTACE to refuse and after drinking the whole mug full you would have to say thank you and then you go running all the way to the bogs as fast as you could run for a DIQUE. I am begging your PANDIAN for writing this but it is NATHAN but the truth.

Yes St Georges had even Royalty, there was a RAJA and many KINGS like KRISHNAMOORTHY RAJA even a BAHADUR not forgetting the BABUS and many more and if I have left out SIMON or the other I do apologies I am sure a lot of other names would KUMAR to my mind later but I request you to JOHN me in thinking that they have been mentioned.
SARGON are the old who made way for the new and as I SABAI I would BATCHA that you all remember the good old days that have gone by in St Georges and I am sure SAAWAN and all took our watch word SELF RELIANCE with traditions good and strong with you to all parts of the world in order to work hard and become successful in all walks of life.
Anyhow BENNETT all this you are still a Georgian even if I may SAIT so myself.


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