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Laidlaw Memorial School

The Laidlaw Memorial School and Junior College, of St. Georges Homes, Ketti was founded in 1914 by the Late Rev. John Breeden, to provide a Home and sound liberal and general education, based on Christian principles, for children of the protestant European and Anglo-Indian Communities. It was generously endowed by the Late Sir Robert Laidlaw. The Institution began its life in Kodaikanal but moved to Ketti, its present home, in 1922.

The School is run on the lines of a Public School and provides a comprehensive, liberal education in English, for children of all communities. The emphasis is on a sound general education, on self-discipline and self-reliance. In view of the fact that a great many of the children in the School must perforce be separated from their parents for many months each year, every effort is made to give them a pleasant, comfortable and affectionate scholastic environment.

Without departing from the original aims of the School, its Constitution was amended in 1953, so as to admit to its portals children of all communities, from all parts of the country and indeed, of the world, as Boarders paying full fees.

Though the institution is essentially residential and co-educational, it also takes in a limited number of day-scholars.

Religious observances and instruction in the School are in accordance with the Protestant Christian tenets. However, there is provision for Roman Catholic worship, and exemption from worship and religious instruction for those desiring it (except for the Morning Assembly and School functions). Moral, as distinct from religious instruction, is compulsory.

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